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91 trx300fw with chip in cylinder head what to do

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Took my 91 I just bought apart and found the cylinder head had some chips near the valves but didn't seem to affect them. Except my exhaust valve leaks but does not leak where the chip is. What should I do Do I need a new head or can I get it fixed


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It looks to me like the exhaust valve seat come loose in the head casting... so the previous owner staked it down with a flat-bladed screwdriver and hammer... so he/she could sell the bike for more than its worth. It could also be a screw that come loose and got ingested... but thats a long shot with gazillion:1 odds, cause I see where the flat-blade staking job dinged the valve seat inline with a stake. The person who did it was careless.

Regardless of what happened its a heavy oil burner and needs a complete top end rebuild, minimum. Good news is, you may be able to rebuild it for $600 or so...? Hope so, those old 300s may be the best bike Honda ever made... :)
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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