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91 trx300fw with chip in cylinder head what to do

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Took my 91 I just bought apart and found the cylinder head had some chips near the valves but didn't seem to affect them. Except my exhaust valve leaks but does not leak where the chip is. What should I do Do I need a new head or can I get it fixed


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I am getting new valves and no I did not Idk what could of done it either gonna get it checked out at the shop I take my stuff to see what they say. Hopefully just what you said is all I need
I am rebuilding the top end the cylinder is getting bored and new valves are ordered with a complete top end kit. Would y'all suggest just taking to a shop and getting it worked on or how could I do it at home
Took the head to the shop I use and they are gonna do a head service on it and get it all fixed up! I appreciate all the responses !! Thanks
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1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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