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91 trx300fw with chip in cylinder head what to do

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Took my 91 I just bought apart and found the cylinder head had some chips near the valves but didn't seem to affect them. Except my exhaust valve leaks but does not leak where the chip is. What should I do Do I need a new head or can I get it fixed


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I would say if you re-lap the valves you would be ok , check the valve stem for being straight and not bent -----can't imagine what caused that dent , did you have timing chain slack
Retro , I am usually with you 100% , but this time I am going out on the limb to say that is not a stake mark , they are two smaller marks also and no rhythm to the spacings of the mark , you would think if staking was the purpose of the marks , the stake would have used a pattern of a triangle or square ---------- I would guess the engine had a stretched out timing chain at one time , maybe the electrode broke off the spark plug , or it could have happen when the head was dropped or stored in a box when the engine was previous part ---- CSI New Orleans
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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