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91 trx 300 no spark

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I'm new to this posting business so I'm not sure about starting and finishing threads. I asked for help earlier in the week regarding a no spark problem, and received some helpful tips. I have ordered a pulse coil thinking that it may be my problem, and also a manual. Nothing has arrived so I am at a standstill until the manual and pulse coil arrive. I will report when I get the pulse coil installed and begin trouble shooting again. The problem that I have now is removal of the left side cover. after removal of the blots and drive shaft the cover appears to be hung up in the area of the shift lever. I cannot tell anything from the parts diagrams from the suppliers. Does anyone know if there is a circlip or e ring behind the seal on the shift shaft that prevents the side cover from coming off? Thanks.
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I posted on another section of this forum, concerning my own "no spark" issue with my 91'.
I'm going to keep my eye on this thread just in case. I'm hoping my problem is a bit less invasive! But the data is good to know.
In my quest to narrow my area of issues a friend, who owns a foreman 450, said his had a "rectifier box/voltage box, thatb went bad?. I don't even know if mine has one...
Anyhow.. If somebody could post a few pics of this particular operation, it would be interesting to follow, as i may be going down the same road myself!


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