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91 trx 300 no spark

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I'm new to this posting business so I'm not sure about starting and finishing threads. I asked for help earlier in the week regarding a no spark problem, and received some helpful tips. I have ordered a pulse coil thinking that it may be my problem, and also a manual. Nothing has arrived so I am at a standstill until the manual and pulse coil arrive. I will report when I get the pulse coil installed and begin trouble shooting again. The problem that I have now is removal of the left side cover. after removal of the blots and drive shaft the cover appears to be hung up in the area of the shift lever. I cannot tell anything from the parts diagrams from the suppliers. Does anyone know if there is a circlip or e ring behind the seal on the shift shaft that prevents the side cover from coming off? Thanks.
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take a large screw driver..wedge in between the opening of the shifter where it goes on the shaft..with a hammer....knock the screw driver down in between the slot..this will spread your shifting arm open enough to just pull it right off..then you cover will come right helmut not let the shifting shaft come out any at all..or you will have to pull the right side cover off in order to align it back up on the clutch side.
Thanks everyone, I've got the shift lever off, I read a post earlier that said to use a longer, hardened bolt and nut when reinstalling the shifter and it reminded me that we used to do the same thing with the old tapped out junk that we used to ride. The case is hanging up near the shift lever I will probably work some more on removing it this weekend after I get my chores done. It may be that it is coming off crooked or that even though I've double checked there is still a bolt holding it. I'll let you know what I find out. WS
i posted something about using a grade 5 or 8 longer bolt and nut.when you put shifte lever back on...the oem ones are soft..and they tend to break off when you over tighten for your case not comming of..the stator is probally holding it other bolts hold it on once you take them out..well..shall i say none that is hiden..most times even if you think you got all the case bolts out..if it doesn't move any at all.there is always one bolt you missed !!!..been there soooo many times.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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