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91 Honda Fourtrax TRX300FW, Hub Issue?

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I recently got my 4x4 stuck and the rear axle was moving on the right side, but the rear right tire was not. Also, when I take a turn relatively fast it fishtails a little bit (tires are new). Is this likely a hub / axle issue? If so, how difficult of a repair is it?

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Yeah, your hub is stripped and your axle will be too. Either weld it on or replace the axle and hub.
OK -thanks guys. Welding the hub on the axle sounds like the easiest and cheapest fix. Any downside to this approach?
down won't be able to remove your brake drum once you weld the hub on..sooo..keep this in mind for later brake work..if it was on your left would not be able to remove and fix your rear differental once you welded the left hub on.
If you weld the right hub, you can still change the brake shoes. You can slide the brake drum back enough to get to the brake shoes. You just can't remove the brake drum all the way off the axle.
How difficult is it to remove the hubs and axle?
As long as you don't have trouble removing the brake drum, it isn't that hard. Most of the time the brake drum will be seized to the axle or the brake shoes will be hung inside the drum and it will be hard to get off.

To remove the axle, just unbolt the hubs and slide them off. Loosen and remove the axle nuts. Actually, it's easier to loosen the axle nuts while the tires are still on the ATV and then, you can remove the axle nuts after you remove the tires and hubs. Unhook your brake cables and vent hose from the back of the brake panel. Remove the right side axle nuts from the axle. Unbolt the brake drum cover and remove the brake drum and brake shoes. There's an o-ring between the axle and brake drum that has to be removed before the brake drum will pull off. Now, unbolt the 4 bolts that hold the brake backing plate on and slide it off the axle. Now, make sure the axle nuts on the left side of the axle are removed and remove the o-ring between the axle and ring gear on the left side of the diff. Now, the axle just knocks out the right side. The hardest part is removing the brake drum and breaking the axle nuts loose.
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OK - thanks. Any other parts besides the axle and hubs that I should replace while I have it all taken apart?
Check your axle bearings and seals in both sides of the diff and the axle bearing and seal in the brake backing plate (aluminum piece). Those bearings are a common problem with a Fourtrax 300. It's best to check them before removing the axle. Grab the ATV by the back cargo rack and shake it side to side and up and down and back and forth, anyway you can, while watching for any movement where the axle comes through the diff and the brake drum cover. If the bearings are bad, you will be able to see the axle move when you shake it. When you shake it up and down, pick it up off the ground and sit it back down while watching the axle. It's a lot easier if you have someone else do the lifting and shaking while you watch closely.

If the axle moves any at all, it's a good idea to replace the bearings and seals, because it will wear your ring and pinion gears out in no time at all.

If you don't see the axle move any, you shouldn't need anything else.
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Do I have disassembly the Diff to replace the axle bearings?
Yeah, the two in the diff, you will have to unbolt the diff and knock the bearing and seals out but it's easy. The pinion bearings are the ones that's hard to change. You have to have a special tool to remove the pinion shaft and it's hard to get the needle bearing out. Just changing the two bearings in each side of the diff is easy. That's why it's a good idea to replace the axle bearings at the first sign of movement, so it don't wear your gears and cause the pinion bearings to go out.
It looks like Honda changed the axle and hubs in '93 (made the splines longer?). Will everything else match up if I use this axle and hubs?
Yeah, the length of the splines and hubs are the only thing they changed on the axle. As long as the right hubs come with the axle, everything else is the same and will work.
Do the longer splines of the 93-00 make it stronger (less likely to strip out)?
Yeah, that would me my guess.
OK - got the new parts and plan to put it back together this weekend. Just a few questions.

Should I grease the splines on the new axle? If so, do I just use axle grease, molybdenum, or something else?

Yes, put grease on the splines, probably doesn't really matter what kind.
Just got it back together Sat. Much improved acceleration and handling. Thanks for the help on this guys.
That's great, glad you got it fixed!!
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