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91 Honda Fourtrax TRX300FW, Hub Issue?

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I recently got my 4x4 stuck and the rear axle was moving on the right side, but the rear right tire was not. Also, when I take a turn relatively fast it fishtails a little bit (tires are new). Is this likely a hub / axle issue? If so, how difficult of a repair is it?

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OK -thanks guys. Welding the hub on the axle sounds like the easiest and cheapest fix. Any downside to this approach?
How difficult is it to remove the hubs and axle?
OK - thanks. Any other parts besides the axle and hubs that I should replace while I have it all taken apart?
Do I have disassembly the Diff to replace the axle bearings?
I found a new axle and hubs on ebay for $220 that are for a 93-00 (based on the part number). It looks like Honda changed the axle and hubs in '93 (made the splines longer?). Will everything else match up if I use this axle and hubs?
OK - took it apart last weekend. The right side hub and axle splines were completely stripped (left side still looked good). I had a friend pick the bike up and move it side to side, set it down, and didn't see any play in the axle - so the bearings in the diff should be good.

The axle nuts weren't the easiest to remove (broke a pipe wrench). I ordered up an axle / hub set on ebay as well as the bearing in the brake backing plate and dust seal for the differential. Hopefully, I'll get the parts this weekend and get her all back together.

Do the longer splines of the 93-00 make it stronger (less likely to strip out)?
OK - got the new parts and plan to put it back together this weekend. Just a few questions.

Should I grease the splines on the new axle? If so, do I just use axle grease, molybdenum, or something else?

Just got it back together Sat. Much improved acceleration and handling. Thanks for the help on this guys.
1 - 9 of 24 Posts
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