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91 300 4x4

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,my buddy has one of these and the battery won't charge on the 4 wheeler,battery test good ,any ideas on what to look at and where its located at on the machine. any help will be appreciated,thanks.
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Yeah, the stator is what makes it charge. It is located in the left side cover. It could also be the voltage regulator/rectifyer located on the frame on the left side behind the rear finder. It is a little square box with cooling fins on it. You should be able to take an ohmmeter and check the resistance of the stator at the connector at the end of the wires coming from the stator. The wires will be coming out of the left side cover. I don't remember which wires to check and I don't remember what they are supposed to read. You can find it in a repair manual. If the stator checks out right, I would look at the regulator/rectifyer.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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