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89 TRX350 - gas cap has taken a poo

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Hey guys. I was going to check the fuel level in my 89 TRX350 when I couldn't get the gas cap off. It has the little plastic "lock/open" lever on top of it. It feels like one side isn't opening when I flip the little switch thing. I didn't want to just pry the cap off for fear I wouldn't get it back on. I tried to find a new cap online in case I just have to break this one to remove it, but they don't seem to be available.

Help? What's a fellow to do?
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I did try pushing down hard on the cap. Still no joy :(

Cool! Thanks for the info. I'll try lubing it up and see if that makes it more amicable.
So after lubing the cap neither side will unlock. It's now worse than it was before. How do I get the cap off now? Drill it out? Beat it with a hammer?
Well I got impatient. Pried it off with a crowbar, thoroughly broke the locking mechanism to ensure noone could lock it again, then held the cap down with a piece of random bracketry.

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1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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