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88 trx 2x4 front drums

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I'm in need of a set of new or aftermarket new drums. Mine are finally worn down too big for the shoes to reach them.

Its my understanding too that due to the way the 2x4 is built there is no disc conversion either.

Can a machine shop add metal to them and turn it down to specs?

Help I'm on a deer lease now that has steep hills. My rear brakes are working fine but I suspect wont last long being the only brake working.

Surely someone has had this problem before me. Partzilla don't list them.
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Thanks for the quick responses!
To Retro: Yes entire ATV stripped down to frame and sandblasted & powder coated. New brake shoes and wheel cylinders installed at that time almost 3 years ago now! Sheesh where did the time go?
I may need to check to see if adjustment needed but I adjusted them out almost to limit back then.

Jeepwm69: I havent thought of a 420 2wd. what year model? I can do some modifications if needed and have no qualms about taking to a local machine shop. I prefer doing most things if I can.

I now own a 2nd 88 Honda trx 300 2x4! Picked up for $400 from a member of my hunting club. Saw it used and rode it many times. His young son rode it too hard and broke a rear hub. Going to fix it up for the wife so we dont have to ride 2 up.

I would be wanting to install the disk brake upgrade to that one as well if the 1st project goes okay.

Fishfiles !!!! Hey Bud! I remember you! You must have snuck your response in while I was typing my reply!
Damn the luck no kit available. What about mounting the 420 spindles or maybe newer model 88 ones?
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