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I bought said atv from someone. It had mismatched tires and had hit a tree with it. I got the correct tires and took it for a spin and it stalled. Started back up after a little coaxing. After it fired the starter would not stop running. Got back to the garage quick and unhooked the battery. Now its stuck in gear. Wont go into neutral and the starter runs constantly when the battery is hooked up. My question is are the problems related or are they separate and what's wrong? Any helps appreciated

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The starter solenoid may be sticking or the starter button may be sticking.
Disconnect the solenoid
Get the service manual and parts links below in my signature block.
Put up some pics
These machines are pretty easy to work on but people like to hotwire stuff and then give up on them. These rigs perform best with OEM parts and good fixes
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