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87 TRX350D Top Front Fender Decal

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I'm trying to get someone to replicate the large front decal for a red 87 model 350D. I've spent an hour searching the web for a decent picture with no luck. Anyone have one in good shape and can snap a picture of it for me, please?
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I still have that kid's 350A Fourtrax in my yard, and the fenders on it are in pretty good shape. I'll see what the sticker looks like.

After seeing his "poor me" dad driving a Range Rover with a new SxS on the trailer I moved that bike back in the lineup and started working on my own kids' machines.

All I have left on his is getting the timing chain and cam set, bolting up the exhaust, and putting the carb back on, but if he wants it back quick apparently he can afford to take it to a shop now.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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