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87 TRX350D Top Front Fender Decal

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I'm trying to get someone to replicate the large front decal for a red 87 model 350D. I've spent an hour searching the web for a decent picture with no luck. Anyone have one in good shape and can snap a picture of it for me, please?
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Thanks Patrick. I had found that bottom right photo and sent it to her but she thought it was white instead of silver, based on the picture. I'm pretty sure that one is an 87. She said she wasn't sure she could "stack" the colors. Looks like the 88-89 ones removed the orange, so she might have better luck replicating one of those.
That's the best picture yet. Thanks man! She says she can do it. . We'll see how good she does... Hey Jeep. I'm doing my timing chain this weekend. I already had the chain in but had to wait for the clutch cover gasket.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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