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87' TRX 350 right cover saga continues

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Installed cover and connected everything and when started to adjust the compression release cable I pushed on the kick start lever (by hand) and it moved (turned over engine) and then stopped. So I went to the other side of engine and the ratchet I had on the crank bolt had rotated and caught on the foo peg. Removed ratchet and went back to the kick starter, pushed on it firmly and heard a crack and then parts falling inside the case. Removed case and found the lever that rides on the cam on the kick starter shaft had broken and the pin in the cover had broken the aluminum casting where the pin fits into. Turns out I didn't have the punch marks on the cam and shaft aligned correctly. I removed the right side cover from the 86' 350 and cleaned everything up, bought another gasket and put it back together again. Chastened and somewhat traumatized at breaking a precious part (I never break stuff) I proceeded cautiously. And it is doing the same thing. Cover on, put kick starter on shaft, push with my hand, engine rolls over slightly; stops. go to other side of engine, rolls over with no problem using ratchet. Go back to kick starter; won't move. Remove cover, put kick starter back on shaft; same thing. I am sure I did or am doing something wrong. Just can't figure out what. Bike is in neutral, spark plug out and when I move the engine with the kick starter the lever for the compression release moves on the cam as it should.
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I'm putting a 350 engine back together. Got the cases put back together after cleaning everything out, and got the shift drum linkage reinstalled.

The kick start shaft didn't act like it wanted to come out, and the punch mark on it is facing straight up.

I'm curious as to what shade is going to recommend here, and what the problems is.
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