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87 trx 250x brake question

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i am looking at a 87 trx250x. i went and saw it today and the brakes had been removed because the owner was going to replace them but never got around to it. however he has all of the brakes and it is all new. how hard is it to install the brakes and scince i am not the best with mechanics about how much would it cost to have a shop install the brakes.
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Welcome to the forums. I agree with Tom, I would try to do it myself. It's not really that hard.
Yeah, it is a pain to bleed the brakes, but not undoable. With a repair manual and a little patience, you should be OK.
where could i get a manual
If you can't find one free online, you can download one from Tradebit for $4.25.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Honda Fourtrax TRX250X (TRX 250 X) Service Repair Manual 1987 1988 - Download Technical
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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