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87 fourtrax 70 no spark

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Picked up a fourtrax 70 for the kids yesterday. Needless to say they are more than anxious to get going but no spark. I cleaned up all the grounds and checked and cleaned connections. The grounds and kill switch seems to funtion ok. Key was eliminated wires are just connected together. How can I tell if there is power to the coil? What would be the first place to start on this problem cdi, stator, pulse generator? I pulled the side cover but didn't have a flywheel tool so thats still on there. It was suprising clean inside no rust. So are the aftermarket coils and CDIs for sale on EBAY junk or will they work.
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there is a static test that you do pretty quick on the IG coil as well. if you have a multi meter, set it to ohms and check resistance from spark plug end (secondary side) to primary side should have about 7-10k ohms with no cap and around 14kohms with spark plug cap. and then check between 2 primary post, (if it has 2) should be about.5 or so
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