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87 350d need help bad

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I just got an 87 350d for cheap all the owner said it needed was a stator and fuel pump but it is practically all tore apart and has sat for a year it didn’t look bad but when I got it home in the light it was one of those dark and rainy purcheses and help on where to even start on reassembling it.he gave me the stator and pump
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You will need the service manual–click the links in my sig block. You want the listing “TRX350 Foreman”

Do you have much maintenance experience? This project is going to challenge you. Biggest issue is that this machine is basically unknown condition.

If the fuel pump is not OEM don’t even bother—non-OEM parts will result in mixed performance
Study up on the fuel and electrical systems for this machine.
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Owner manual is good but you also need service manual


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The fuel system needs to be clear of obstructions to get good pump flow:

Fuel tank has a drain bolt; you can remove the bolt and drain out old fuel, condensate and solids. It has internal screens at both the reserve and main feed siphons.

The fuel petcock has three positions. Sometimes solids will block the siphons; remove the petcock and use long flexible wire (a old brake or choke cable) or pipe cleaner to clear the line.

The fuel line from the tank goes into a filter. These are special filters—a lil expensive but designed for this model. A clean fuel tank will preserve a new filter (ask how later).

The filter line goes to the pump, which has an intake, output and vent line.

The pump outlet goes to the carb. The vent i think allows the pump diaphragm to move, but that line needs to be hooked up to a vent line that will not drain into the crankcase or drive vent lines. If the pump diaphragm gets a leak, you want the fuel to be discharged not collected.

The pump electric is controlled by the fuel cutoff relay; you can flow test the pump using the manual.
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I think the stator is out of it Duck. We gave enough info on the fuel system but the stator install needs to be done first.
Yeah need to post some pic to see what you’re you’re working with!
Duck has 87 350D also
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I’ll have to get y’all pictures tomorrow. It’s the 350d and I do have the service manual not the owners Manual and that thing is awesome how it showed pictures of how everything goes and I’ve already orderd stuff like new cables for throttle and breaks and plug wire and plug bc it has sat for a while but that’s what I planned on doing is just getting it back together then going from there bc the service manual has in the back a list where it breaks it down in order to finding the problems
Main thing is to buy OEM only and watch out for sellers listing new and used 86-89 parts.

There is a thread that @retro, @Duck0fDeath and others used to pigeonhole year groups of parts – will try to find it.

Careful pulling off that left side case over to replace the stator. Very easy, as I understand, to cause the kick starter shaft to fall out of adjustment–then you’ll have to take the right side cover off too (to put it back in place). Can someone else correct me on that?
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