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87 350d need help bad

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I just got an 87 350d for cheap all the owner said it needed was a stator and fuel pump but it is practically all tore apart and has sat for a year it didn’t look bad but when I got it home in the light it was one of those dark and rainy purcheses and help on where to even start on reassembling it.he gave me the stator and pump
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I have no experience and it came with the owners Manuel and I’m not sure if the pump is own or not
I’ll have to get y’all pictures tomorrow. It’s the 350d and I do have the service manual not the owners Manual and that thing is awesome how it showed pictures of how everything goes and I’ve already orderd stuff like new cables for throttle and breaks and plug wire and plug bc it has sat for a while but that’s what I planned on doing is just getting it back together then going from there bc the service manual has in the back a list where it breaks it down in order to finding the problems
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Another thing is all the fuel lines are all brittle and all broken so I have no clue where they go
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