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87 350d need help bad

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I just got an 87 350d for cheap all the owner said it needed was a stator and fuel pump but it is practically all tore apart and has sat for a year it didn’t look bad but when I got it home in the light it was one of those dark and rainy purcheses and help on where to even start on reassembling it.he gave me the stator and pump
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Post some pictures of that '87 tank!

You can get an idea whether that pump you got is worth installing by connecting it to a 12v battery briefly to hear if it's running (clicking noise) Green wire is ground. I wouldn't take much stock in what the previous owner believed were the problems. I'd put it back together and start from square one. Spark, gas, air. The manual is a must but we're here to help too.

Check for spark first because if you don't have that the issue could be the CDI and if the CDI isn't working you won't get fuel either on these 87's, as the CDI powers the fuel cutoff relay, I believe.

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I was comparing electrical components on Partzilla one day for the '87 TRX350A Fourtrax and the '87 TRX350D Foremans. Much of it is interchangeable. Regulator, coil, fuel cutoff relay, for example. The CDI, stator, and wiring harness are model specific, however. Honda changed them again starting in '88, so the '87 Foreman doesn't share those components with any other years or models.
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