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Hey Guys,

We are going on a trip tomorrow morning, and decided to clean the carb on my sisters 1987 TRX250X. bought new gaskets, jets, and cleaned it well.

Pilot jet is 2-1/2 turns out and idles without an issue. Runs like normal when choke is fully engaged (No high end as usual)

When it is warmed up and the choke is off, it doesn't seem to want to move after 1/4 throttle. if I can get passed 1/4 throttle it seems to work, but there is this bogging area that tends to make it die around 1/4 throttle.

Any one else experienced this? Any advice? I have torn it back down several times, and all seems to be done per the service manual. Jets are stock size.


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If there is no air leak between the carb and head that pretty much leaves the carb to blame going by what you explained. Is the motor in good tune? Good NGK plug and valves adjusted?
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