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86 TRX350 Replacing worn steering - should I grease pivot?

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Wondering if anyone can think of a good reason I shouldn't grease the steering pivot connecting the tie rods on my 86 fourtrax. The stock bushings were very worn down and there was a ton of play, so I ordered new bushings and dust seals for the pivot assembly.

The original seals were absolutely thrashed and totally worn through, so not surprising the bushings were worn so thin. The whole inside of the pivot was also dry as a bone.

So anyway I cleaned up the surfaces the dust seals ride so they are nice and smooth again so I figured I would grease the new bushings before re assembling and so the new dust seals arent just riding dry on the metal. My only hesitation is because nowhere in the service manual can I find anything about greasing said joint? The factory service manual is pretty vague on this part of the front end.

Anyone think of a good reason that I SHOULDNT grease this joint?

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Yes i think it’s supposed to be greased with high grade lithium bearing grease. I’m not sure because I’m getting ready to do mine too. Swing arm bearing and wheel bearings.

Several members here have years more experience than i so here’s an 86 build thread from a senior member. Just to keep this discussion going
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When you get ready to drill it, start a thread on it. Retro didn’t get any pics, and I would like to see how it’s done. All the pivot points on my project quad are dry; gonna get a new grease gun soon.
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