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86 TRX350 kicker kicking back!

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1986 project TRX350 got it through estate sale. In process of changing electrics back to OEM.

Cycling the engine with the kick starter because the electric starter just spins. I rebuilt the starter but A side note i thot I reinserted the starter gears properly hmmm. Maybe not.

Ok anyway the kicker kicks me back鈥攂adly! It will cycle and chug鈥攑ositive i set the valves correctly. I have never had one do me like that. Anyone give me a clue?
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Thanks for the reply Retro.
When i first bought this thing, it ran but the kicker was doing this already.
The compression release cable was loose, so i set it 1-3 mm according to the manual at TDC on the compression stroke. I adjusted the valves then too.
Yup when i had the stator cover off I didn鈥檛 notice anything out of order but I didn鈥檛 even touch the flywheel.

Hmm back to the manual
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I鈥檒l reinspect the decompression lever and cable. The PO had it loose so evidently may have been having same problem. It鈥檚 like the decomp isn鈥檛 working

I will also check the woodruff key. It鈥檚 visible with the stator removed? The darn thing was hard to start but ran pretty well鈥擨 originally thot carburetor and fuel.
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I think i was kicking the lever too far down because i had the footpeg off. My foot was going down even with the footbrake lever and I think it doesn鈥檛 like that at all.
I put the footpeg back on and it seems to cycle great now. My leg is nearly healed up now lols.
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Ok Could i have rebuilt the starter incorrectly or maybe it鈥檚 toast?

The starter spins and in the correct direction (i think) without the starter reduction gears but cannot turn the engine with the gears installed. It whines like it鈥檚 spinning but definitely not turning the engine. I鈥檓 not gonna run the starter with the gear cover off and risk breaking stuff.

The reduction gears lock into the flywheel one direction and idle in the other. The starter can鈥檛 run backwards without reversing polarity, right?
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