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New to the site... Bought this rig last year from its original owner... Was bone stock aside from agressive front tires... The plastics had some pretty severe cracks that i plastic weld... I fabricated a 2" suspension lift... Pulled the stock front rack and fabricated my own... Pulled the stock headlight and wired in leds mounted on the front rack... Center for low beam and outsides for high beam... Im on my 3rd prototype of snorkles... I think im going to stick to this set up... They will soon be painted with rubberized undercoat... Ive replaced brake shoes all the way around... Replaced the hitch ball... Bolted and waterproofed an ammo can to the rear as a trail tool box/strap storage... Mounted winch and fairlead to mu front rack... At some point this summer, i plan to pick up some 12" rims and either 26 or 28" tires... Not sure which... Whats the actual offset for front vs rear rims?
Anyway... Thats my rig in a nutshell... Land vehicle Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Tire


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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