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Greetings Honda enthusiast's, I recently rebuilt a Kart frame to accommodate a TRX200SX engine I salvaged from a junk yard. The engine was in good shape as far as I could tell with good compression and all the parts I needed to fit it on the frame I had customized to fit my tall body of 6' 2".

It had everything needed to make a groovy Go Kart or ATV at this point lol!

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I was correct about the engine and had a great time of it for a while! The kart could do up to 40 mph and in first was a beast with so much torque it could climb a tree! (so to speak ;))

One day I saw a small creek that looked to be around a foot deep or so but in fact ended up being 3 feet deep once I was in it :eek:. I tried to slowly turn the kart around to try and get back out of it without drowning the beast but the mud made the kart slide backwards into the water and it sucked in a huge gulp of it :oops:. After I finally got all the oil changed, the fuel straitened out and so forth, it smoked pretty bad and ran a little rough, but still seemed to have most of its former power. Each time I ran it after that I noticed it going down, less power, more smoke. :cry:

I finally dissembled it down to the cylinder and noticed it had a Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle
head gasket made of three separate pieces of metal and oil on both sides of the inner metal. I've never seen a gasket made like this so is this normal or blown? I checked the head for flatness but it seems fine, the valve guide seals are shot (I found a piece of them on the head in the oil valley) and it was also starting to run lean, so much so at the end I had to have full choke on it to idle.

I will check it all before I start buying parts but I was just curious about the head gasket. :unsure:

Thanks for reading, I know it was a lot to take in!
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