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So I have an '86 TRX 250 Fourtrax and I've had it for a few years now. I'm always working on it, adding parts, replacing old parts with better parts, servicing it, fixing broken parts and what not. Since I first got it I have always wanted to replace the stock suspension for something better but I always get sidetracked or am low on funds. Now, I want to get better suspension for it. I do a lot of jumping and wheelies on my ATV too, so some good suspension would be nice. I also want to figure out how to lift it a couple of inches as I want to put new, bigger and more aggressive tires on it and wheel spacers too. So that being said, how would I lift it say 6 inches - 1 foot. I'd buy a lift kit but I can't seem to find one for it. Also, what do you recommend for new suspension? I want something that will go on easily because I have no welder or torches anymore as my grandfather sold his and I'm 15. Any info, pictures, suggestions would be great!



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