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I got a this bike here. the story goes, it sat in barn for ever untill this guy baught it at an estate sale, it didn't run. he drained the tank, put fresh gas in, and a new battery, got it to start and run, just good and would't Idle.
He took in to so "mechanic guy" ( the guy in town that fixes stuff for people now and again) Well he some how starts the thing on fire. Its not bad, mostly cosmetic, wire sheaths and vent lines and plastic.

Here lies the the problem. I got it to run again. cleaned the carb, piolet jet was pluged but the fuel pump will not work unless jumped or I unplug what I think is a controler inside a box on the right side of the frame by the rear wheel and jump the power wire and the feed to the pump on the plug.

With everything hooked up like normal I've got 12 volts at the plugs that the pump connects to but the pump will not work. I put an amp meter on + and - and cross the leads my amps drop to 0. Ther is no shorts on these 2 wires

The rest of the wiring on the bike seems to be ok. The heat from the fire did't get past the protective looms, so I don't think its a short any where but I won't rule it out

I think it's that controler! I've never seen a bike with an electric diaphram or plunger type pump PLEASE help.

Oh. needle valve tests at 38 psi, and wiring the pump direct over presures the needle valve and gas runs from the over flow on the carb.

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I would check the ground cable and make sure it's getting a good connection, first. You may have a ground problem. If it's not a ground problem, try doing the checks below.

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