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86 honda trx 350D FRONT BRAKE ISSUE

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hey guys new member here. Not sure if its a D model or not.. I'm having trouble getting my front brakes to work correctly. I bought an OEM master cylinder off ebay and have new shoes on the machine. I'll start from the very beginning! When i first got this machine the front brakes were toast. The last owners broke off the tiny bolts in the master cylinder so i ended up getting an OEM one off ebay luckily. The wheel cylinders were locked up and i took them out and soaked them in transmission fluid for about a week. I should have used penetrating oil but my uncle said that it would work and it actually did work. I put everything back together and adjusted my wheel cylinders out and bled my front brakes. The issue i'm getting now is I have SOLID pressure in the front brake lever almost to where i can't touch the lever to the handle bar, have like 2 or 3 inches before i reach the handlebar. Anyways, when i hit my front brakes its kinda hard to pull back and it does not really slow down the machine to be honest so i've really been using my rear brakes for about a year. NEW SHOES, NEW MASTER CYLINDER. Any ideas guys? THANKS AGAIN!!! Hopefully I didn't miss anything. :D
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You’re right it’s not an 86 D model. Check the service manual and parts links in my signature block below.
Ok are your brake shoes engaging when you pull the lever? If so then are your brake shoes or hubs oily and just slipping?
if not I’d say you’ve got a blockage in the brake line
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