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'86 Honda Fourtrax 350 4x4 Fuel system question

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New member here, first post. I found the forum searching for my problem, but didn't exactly find the issue I'm having. I have two '86 Honda 350 4x4's that are in great shape. I just rebuilt the carburetor on one of them and it runs great. Problem is that now when it is running, gas is coming out of the vent line from the lower back side of the fuel pump, and squirting out where it ends up in the headlight. The line has a tee in it and it also extends back to the rear brake drum. A side question is, why does the brake drum need a vent? I can pull the line off at the brake drum and the gas then runs out there instead of squirting out in the headlight. I wonder why the gas isn't running out in the brake drum with the line connected? Clogged maybe? Could anything with the carburetor rebuild have anything to do with this problem? Seems like a fuel pump issue and I really don't see how it could be caused by the carburetor rebuild, but it is a strange coincidence if it has nothing to do with the carburetor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m thinking the float valve is leaking and you’re getting fuel overflowing into the vent lines. This system has more parts than most.

Did you change the fuel filter? I think you may have some dirt in the section betw the filter and carb

Did you use an OEM or Shindy kit?

Those vents lines are all intended to vent moisture from those bits. It helps to run them awhile and get some heat in those bits to drive off the moisture If they are clogged or plugged you will get rust in there

You can always swap out your pumps to see if the problem goes away—beauty of having two machines—which btw you haven’t posted pix of them, YaHargh
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