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86 honda 200sx problem

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Im have a problem with my kids 200sx The starter drags when we try to start it. We can't hardly pull it over by hand But if i take the gear off the starter it pulls over fine. do you think it's the starter or the starter clutch?
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Welcome to the fourms. You can test the starter clutch by turning the gear. It should turn freely one way and not turn the other way.

Also, I would take the starter off and use a set of jumper cables hooked to a known good battery to bench test it. Just hook one end to the battery and on the other end, hook the ground to the starter housing and touch the hot to the post on the starter. Make sure you hold on to the starter good, because if it's good, it'll jump out of your hand if not holding it tight.

My guess is the starter clutch is trying to lock up.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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