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86 honda 200sx problem

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Im have a problem with my kids 200sx The starter drags when we try to start it. We can't hardly pull it over by hand But if i take the gear off the starter it pulls over fine. do you think it's the starter or the starter clutch?
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agreed^^^^^^..flywheel one-way bearing is bad.
Thanks for the input. one more question. with the gear off the starter should the shift on the starter spin? I tryed to turn it by hand, I couldn't at all
I tryed to spin with a small pry bar it still wont turn.
if you tried to spin the starter shaft while you had the transfer gear off..and the shaft on the starter wouldn't turn at all..then your starter is bad. could be bad brushes..or just bad altogether.
You can turn the armiture where the brushes ride. Did it once cause I figured it was worth the try before I drop the $200 for a new starter. Most people said it wouldn't work but it did.
if his armiture is ok..then he probally can get by with new brushes..but..if the armiture is so brushes won't work..he can get a refurbished starter for about 100 or so bucks. ( not from a dealer though ). there is a company in tn..i forget their name..i used them along time ago..i think they were somewhere around german town ??..but they refurbish starters..and they have great prices on thier really well too.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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