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86 Honda 125 - front brake cable?? replacement??

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Hey all - first post and looks like a great site from browsing! Anyway, I just went and dug my old 125 fourtrax out of my parents barn. Like falling in love all over again even though I'm too big for it, lol. Anyway, it literally has NO brakes, front or back and I live on a hillside now!

Back, the drum was frozen on the splines and I cracked it getting it off so awaiting a used one now.

Now the question - the front cable assembly is no good. The right side is hanging up bad, barely moving and the left side is snapped in half. local honda shop had a "custom cable" maker in California and they just called and said they won't be able to make it. I mean, it actually looks fairly simple, for a cable maker...

Does anyone know if someone specifically will remake the cables to attach to the chain equalizer? any other bike have something similar. Looking on the net, I'm not seeing anything for sale like it. I just had a 65' retaining wall fall on me and I need to get this mule back to work! :grin
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Have you searched for cable manufacturers? For me here it is quite easy to get any cable made to size/spec. If it's basic just send the size, a little complex then post the old cable. Last cable I had made worked out cheaper than an aftermarket item!
thanks - yea, I'm looking at these guys now (Core Moto) and probably going to send them the actual old cable to mimic. Their "double cable kit" is 115 to remake. Just curious if there was a go-to that people have used. I'm sure this is a common problem on these bikes, so many years later.

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