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86 fourtrax runs rich and wont idle right

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I recently purchased a 86 honda fourtrax 350 4x4 and it is running too rich. i talked to the neighbor and he said it sounds like you choke is stuck on. So i cleaned the card and replaced the the choke plunger in carb(the o-ring was bad and didnt slide up and down very easy). put it all back together and still runs rich. I'M not the greatest with carbs but i have always seem to get by. i was wondering if there is something im missing.????
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Did you adjust the air/fuel mixture after you put it back together? It may have been out of adjustment when you got it. Make sure no debris is caught under the needle valve and make sure the float level is set right.
Probably not, but did you take the needle valve out and clean it good and make sure no debris was caught under it? Also, better make sure the float is set right.
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