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86 fourtrax 350 shifter issues

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Just picked up this machine a while ago. I seem to be having a ton of trouble with the shifter. It doesn't always want to get into gear, or neutral, or reverse. Sometimes it will go right off the bat, other times it will take messing with the shifter for a minute or two to get it into the sweet spot. The shifter is a little sloppy with a bit of up and down play in it.

The outer works are tight, seems like something inside causing the trouble.

Any educated guesses what I'm in for? Bad drum or maybe a little easier with a bad pawl?
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Well, took the cover off and found a broken spring on the shift mechanism. Looks like I'm going to have to hit eBay.
for what it's worth..the honda trx300's use the same return spring for that !
Thanks for the info. Found a shifter assembly on eBay for $15, spring and shaft.

Hopefully it gets here by the weekend. After this issue is fixed, I'll be ready to get some new tires for the front and ride this thing. Cut off relay is on it's way here an I just tossed a universal fuel pump on it.

Might start working on the plow set up. I've already got one on my Suzuki, but I'd love to have 4wd for the big stuff ;)
keep us posted..other ppl may learn from your build.
I'm really hoping that this spring is the problem. I don't like getting too deep into the case because I always lose interest and shove it into a corner :)

The machine came with a cobbled plow set up. I've stripped it down and come up with a reasonable way to set it up. The plow on my suzuki cost me $12 to build. I'll have less than that into this one ;)

USPS should be dropping my relay off tomorrow.
if the return spring was will let the shifting shaft just dangle..and you can't get a good enough shift on the shaft if it is broken..that spring keeps it centered on the shaft. i'm positive thats your problem...this don't mean you may have internal solves the shifting arm from just hanging there loosely.
while you have the cover off..inspect the shifting drum's arm..see if your shifting arm inside is broken ?? has a small wheel on it..when you shift pops into the star's grove/insets.
I just got around to installing the new spring. Problem solved.

I had to heat up the foot pedal for the rear brake to get it loosened up and off. Cleaned it with some sand paper and greased it all up. Seems that the return spring is bad on that also.

Should be picking a new spring up soon. Other than some new front tires, it'll be ready to ride in the next week or so. Can't wait!
glad you fixed it !..most springs on the foot brake pedal are always's the rust around the shaft the pedal rides on that slows the pedal down..with some sand paper and grease..this should solve that problem.
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