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86 fourtrax 250 rear wheel bearing repair

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Wondering if anybody has some instructions for replacing the rear wheel bearings, both sides, for an 86 Honda fourtrax 250?

Just joined the forum, some really great stuff!
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Thanks Shadetree. Awesome explanation. I'm going to tackle this over the weekend. I'll try to take some pics along the way so that others can follow behind me. Thanks again. More to follow........
Shadetree, I have it all apart. Left side looks easy, I see the bearing in the axel tube.
The right side, I have the outer brake drum off, as well as the inner drum and can see the brake pads. I took off the bake cable cam. Now do I pound out the axel from the left side as it or do I take off the nuts that hold right side to the frame? If I do that the whole right side will slide out with the axel attached. (not sure I see the 4 inside bolts you refer or the brake backing plate.)

Thanks for the help
I tool off the four nuts, it pulled away from the frame but the axle stayed attached to the backing plate. Any thoughts on how to get the bearings out with the axle still in place?
Guys, all went well. I could not bang out the left side bearing with a pipe going in from the right side. There is a flange on the axel that the bearing rests up againt that won't allow you to get a pipe on the outside race. I took off the left axel and banged them out that way.

I would recommend that you spray everything with PB Blaster and let it sit for a few hours before you try to remove the bearings. Works much better.

Replaced the right side drum brake pads while I had it apart.

Everything else went exactly as you outlined. Great job, much appreciated!
Sorry about the lack of pics. Just didn't work out this time.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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