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86 fourtrax 250 rear wheel bearing repair

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Wondering if anybody has some instructions for replacing the rear wheel bearings, both sides, for an 86 Honda fourtrax 250?

Just joined the forum, some really great stuff!
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welcome to the forums, first remove both rear tires and hubs...on the right rear..remove the brake will need to remove the 1/2 round metal plate as you are taking the brake drum off...after you get to the brake will see 4 bolts inside the center....before you take them out..unhook the brake arm from the's held on with a 10 mm bolt,,after thats off..take the brake backing plate off...after thats will see the outer axle bearings in the end of the tube...from the left rear..take the hub nut..screw it back onto the axle backwards..just enough where you leave a few threads stick out of the nut..with a brass hammer..or any hammer if you don't have a brass hammer..with a piece of wood..or something soft..hold it against the nut..and hammer it out the right should come out the right side..i don't remember if the bearings come out from the right rear when you remove the axle < sorry..its been awhile since i done a trx250..if just the axle comes out..then all you do now is...find a long enough....small enough pipe..that will fit inside the bearings if they all stayed in...from the right hand side..stick the pipe..and angle it where you hit the bearings on the left around each side of the bearing as your hitting it..this will keep it from wedging in the axle tubbing..after you remove the left side..with the pipe..or what ever your using as a punch..knock the right rear side in the same you remove the bearings from the left hand will notice a small wedge looking spacer kinda thing....don't forget to put it back on the goes on the axle with the taper facing in..sooo..put your axle in from the right side..after you get it in far enough..put this tapered spacer on the axle..with taper facing can now put the left bearings in..just don't knock the axle back out of the this spacer doesn't fall off inside the axle tubbing !...after your done with the left side..go to the right side..install the bearings..put your brake backing plate on..put your brake arm back on the brake cam..put your brake drum on..put that 1/2 metal back on and around the lower half of your brake drum cover...bolt the brake drum back up....then your wheel hub..put wheel hub back on left side..then wheels..then yer good to go.
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Guys, all went well. I could not bang out the left side bearing with a pipe going in from the right side. There is a flange on the axel that the bearing rests up againt that won't allow you to get a pipe on the outside race. I took off the left axel and banged them out that way.

I would recommend that you spray everything with PB Blaster and let it sit for a few hours before you try to remove the bearings. Works much better.

Replaced the right side drum brake pads while I had it apart.

Everything else went exactly as you outlined. Great job, much appreciated!
Sorry about the lack of pics. Just didn't work out this time.
that flange is what i was speaking of in my first have to remove the whole axle out of the rear before you can get to the left rear bearing that sits inside the axle tubbing..from the way you explained your left the axle in the rear diff/axle answer your question about the left rear bearing...the axle has to come all the way out of the rear in order to get to the bearings..and helmut was correct about the right rear bearings..they rest just inside the brake backing plate. edit : unless you remove just the left rear axle tubbing from the
Glad you got it fixed. It's been so long since I have put bearings in one of those 250s that I had forgot exactly how they were set up.'s been a long time sinse i took one apart myself !
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