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'86 Four Trax starter removal

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New to the forum. Recently read how to remove the starter on my 86 Four Trax, which I did. I removed the cover and gear next to the starter gear to allow for room to wiggle starter out. However, in the process, I removed the gear to the left with a shaft about 4 in long and 7/16 diam...which I should not have.

Now I am trying to put it back in place, but I have a washer about 1 in outer diameter that slipped out from shaft and I can"t figure where it fits! HELP!
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Welcome to the forums.
Ok, all you nice boys and girls. With your help, I was able to remove and re-install my starter, after cleaning it and replacing the brushes. It works, but if the monster doesn't start on the first crank, then the starter seems to disengage, turn freely, while I hear this gawd awful noise from the engine like all the gears are coming apart! Real scary.

What do I do, other than take it into my friendly, expensive Honda repair shop?::frown:
If the starter is turning, but the engine doesn't, your one-way starter bearing is probably bad. I don't know about the noise you hear coming from the engine, though. Usually, you only hear the sound of the starter motor when the one-way bearing goes bad.
Even if it's a Fourtrax 250, some of the parts may be discontinued.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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