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'86 Four Trax starter removal

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New to the forum. Recently read how to remove the starter on my 86 Four Trax, which I did. I removed the cover and gear next to the starter gear to allow for room to wiggle starter out. However, in the process, I removed the gear to the left with a shaft about 4 in long and 7/16 diam...which I should not have.

Now I am trying to put it back in place, but I have a washer about 1 in outer diameter that slipped out from shaft and I can"t figure where it fits! HELP!
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That happened to my 86. It would catch one out of 3 times, and the other 2 times it sounded like there was a hand full of loose bolts in the engine.

I took it to the shop.
If this is a trx350, be aware that some of the parts will not be available. When I took mine in, they couldn't get all the parts needed to replace everything, so they asked me if I wanted to reuse some of the old parts, or just have them put it all back together without repair. Of course I chose to have it repaired as best they could, and it worked fine....until I sold it :)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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