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86-89 350D Rear Final Drive

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I'm looking for a rear final drive for a 1988 Foreman 350D that is in good condition. According to Partzilla, the housing is the same from 86 through 89, so I assume any of those will work. Thanks.
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did you locate a rear diff ?. i've got an old one ( and yes..all years are the same ). I don't know the shape its in ?, but even if its in good shape ?, i'd doubt I would part with it, they are far and few to find, and i'd like to keep a spare for my '89 trx350D foreman 4x4. your best bet would to be look on ebay or salvage yards.
You dangled that carrot then ripped it away! Shame on you, Shade..... LOLLLL

KB, also check Craigslist for ATV salvage yards in your area.
@fishfiles has mentioned the Facebook Group - Honda Hoarders. You might check there.
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