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Which way should I go with this situation???

  • Use the Pioneer set that I have (see below)

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86 350 4x4 Wheel stud sizes....

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Can you change the stud size on them? I want to put factory wheels and tires from my Pioneer 700 on my 350. The holes/studs on the Pioneer are larger although the nuts do seat pretty good on the 350.

My 1st thought is maybe spacers have this option but I can't go any wider on the front and the rears would need 2" or so to be even.
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I would guess that you could drill the hubs out larger to fit bigger studs. The front hubs separate from the brake drums once those are both off, and the rear hubs pull right out after taking both castle nuts off from the axles. So it should be easy to do on a drill press. You'd need studs with short heads on them.

The rim offsets on the old 350s differ greatly from front to rear though... maybe as much as 2 inches..?
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