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Which way should I go with this situation???

  • Use the Pioneer set that I have (see below)

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86 350 4x4 Wheel stud sizes....

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Can you change the stud size on them? I want to put factory wheels and tires from my Pioneer 700 on my 350. The holes/studs on the Pioneer are larger although the nuts do seat pretty good on the 350.

My 1st thought is maybe spacers have this option but I can't go any wider on the front and the rears would need 2" or so to be even.
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ITP delta steel wheels are a good replacement, +1” over stock offset. The PCD is 110 and I believe the thread is M10 x 1.25 pitch.

Edit: I could be wrong on the pitch, i do know that it’s .25 less than an M10 bolt/nut. So if M10 is usually 1.5 pitch then I’m correct, if M10’is infact 1.25 pitch then the lug will be 1.0

Hope that helps
The pioneer will have M12 studs, not a lot you can do to get them to centre on your ATV unless you have nuts made. I have seen tapered washers available at auto sports outlets in the past, it’s an option but I wouldn’t want to be riding miles relying on washers holding my wheels on.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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