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84 trx200 front shock interchange

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I have an 84 trx200. From what I’ve read online this model was only made in 84, since they went to 250cc and no low range in 85. I can’t find replacement shocks for this exact model and was wondering if any other models shocks would fit. I don’t have the dimensions of the shocks yet, as I use it a lot and want to collect all needed parts before I tear it down. Just hoping someone else has replaced their shocks and remembered with what?
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Using the part number for the model year , the front shocks are used only on that one year , a used set popped up on e-bay , I would bet they are pretty rare using the OEM part number to search ------ you could maybe take measurements and find something close , from looking at the e-bay listing , it says they are 9.75 inches long
fish, that's a good find on those used ones and the length. they look different from the 1985 250 front shocks, but I can say with certainty they are the same length. if @Tb smith doesn't get those, some of these on this list look to be same lenght and eye diameter: which i had considered before putting on our old 250's
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