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Howdy Honda friends,

Just thought I'd share that I'm impressed with Honda's motor oils, thus far. I guess it's really a combination of the machine (2016 Honda Rancher 4x4 DCT EPS, TRX420FA2) and the oil.

This winter I ran Honda HP4S full synthetic motor oil in my Rancher to help with the cold temps we get. I ran this oil 819 miles, and 85 hours up till today when I changed it. The manual and machine of course recommend 600 miles or 100 hours. I just did it when I felt I should. Also, for the record, I never once had to add any oil to it during that time - the level never even changed on the dip stick. When I drained the old oil, it was still transparent, and about as dark as the new GN4 conventional Honda oil I put in.

I love how easy it is to service this Rancher myself.

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