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700xx question

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I have been looking at a 09 or 08 trx 700xx at my local honda dealer and they have dropped the price from 7899 down to 5899 now and I have been thinking about buying it. but i have some questions. First would this be a good sport quad to go trail riding on? and how does it do in tight trails? the trails I would be riding on would be forest service trails, would the big 700 do good for that? or should I stay will my 250ex until it's paid off and then go for something else? thanks in advance.
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The 700 will rip on the trails, it has better top speed than the 450 so if you get to any high speed sections you won't be lacking. The IRS is designed for trails, huge plus over SRA. The 700 can be lugged way down for the tight spots too.

Great choice in my opinion.
By removing the lid you will need to rejet.
All quads are jetted for sea level from the factory. For every 1000 feet you go up in elevation, you go down 1 jet size. So being at 6,000 ft you need to go down 6 sizes from stock. From that point go up one until you have smooth acceleration through the whole RPM range.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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