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700xx question

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I have been looking at a 09 or 08 trx 700xx at my local honda dealer and they have dropped the price from 7899 down to 5899 now and I have been thinking about buying it. but i have some questions. First would this be a good sport quad to go trail riding on? and how does it do in tight trails? the trails I would be riding on would be forest service trails, would the big 700 do good for that? or should I stay will my 250ex until it's paid off and then go for something else? thanks in advance.
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I just wanna put my 2 cents in. There isnt really anything you can do to that 250ex that is gunna even come close to the stock power of a 700xx. There beast. But if u cant afford the payments i dont suggest it. Plus my buddy rides a 700xx and they sound like a helacopter when there goin down the road. Pretty Sweet! And he dosnt seem to have many problems getting through the tight trails he probably is the least wide of all the people i ride with tho.
Im sure u could get a stock 300ex power fairly easily. Prolly wouldnt even need to bore it. What do u have done to ur quad right now?
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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