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700xx question

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I have been looking at a 09 or 08 trx 700xx at my local honda dealer and they have dropped the price from 7899 down to 5899 now and I have been thinking about buying it. but i have some questions. First would this be a good sport quad to go trail riding on? and how does it do in tight trails? the trails I would be riding on would be forest service trails, would the big 700 do good for that? or should I stay will my 250ex until it's paid off and then go for something else? thanks in advance.
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ok thanks for the help guys, I will shoot them a pm if they don't reply or see this thread? thanks
thanks for the reply RedRacer, I don't know for sure if i'm going to buy the 700xx now the interest rate and payment per month is kind of on the steep side for me the interest rate from my dealer through honda would be 9% and the payment would be 157.00 per month which sounds kind of high to me. so I'm debating rather to trade in my almost paid off 250ex for the 700xx or wait until my 250ex is paid off and then go out looking for a bigger quad. cause I would like to put some nice aluminum wheels on what even quad i buy. and you can't get nice aluminum wheels for the rear of the 700xx right now. don't get me wrong the irs and efi of the 700 would be sweet and a huge improvement over my 250ex but i'm just not sure what to do now. what would you do? and does the interest and payment sound on the high side to you?
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ok thanks for the advice guys. now I have a couple other questions is honda going to keep making the 700xx cause i heard that they were trying to clear out all of their sport quads this year and then not going to make any sport quads next year what's up with that? and also if i done a top end rebuild on my 250ex and put a bigger piston in it would it be a pretty good woods runner with better power cause if I could get more power out of the 250 i would probably be good for a while until I could get a 700xx when I get my 250 and my mustang paid off.
I'm not trying to get 700xx power out of the 250 just decent power like a stock 300ex maybe.
I have a hmf exhaust system, k&n air filter, and have rejetted the carb for the exhaust. I figure if I could get power out of it that's equal to or a little more than a 300ex i would be good for a while. so i can save up some money for a 700xx or maybe a raptor 660 or something. thanks for your help.
I have the airbox lid on i will take it off and see what happens. I'm supposed to take it down to the dealer and see what they will give me if i trade it in on the 700 and then they said that they could tell me better what my payment would be a month on the 700. so well see what happens.
yeah I'm going to play hardball with them for sure cause I would really like to get this quad. but im just not willing to pay a 9% interest rate to get it. i'll build the damn thing myself piece by piece before i will pay the 9% interest rate. cause my 250 was a 10% rate and i got screwed on that one I think anyway what size jet will i have to got to if I take the airbox lid off?
right now i'm running a fmf DJ106 main jet with the hmf exhaust system.
no it's not the honda brand of jets they are from a fmf jet kit that I bought. could I use the jets out of the fmf kit that I have? cause the number on the fmf jet that would be in the carb now would be 106
well the jet that I took out of my 250 when I done the exhaust has k90 on it.
yes it has a variety of jets I have the 106 jet in my 250ex now and then my kit has a 110 jet in it and then a 096,088,092,102,096 that's all the jets that are in my jet kit.
billy, which jet would give me the best power with my hmf sport exhaust that I have and then taking the lid off the airbox. also my elevation is 5980 or something like that it's almost 6000'. and can you explain how the numbers on the jets work is it the smaller the number the bigger the hole in the jet or how does that work? and thanks for your help.
ok thanks for the help guys, will I have to have a new spark plug in my quad to be able to tune it or can i use the plug that's in it? I will try it this weekend, so I need to get some smaller jets also right? thanks so much for your help.
ok thanks again guys i will try it this weekend. thanks again.
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