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700xx question

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I have been looking at a 09 or 08 trx 700xx at my local honda dealer and they have dropped the price from 7899 down to 5899 now and I have been thinking about buying it. but i have some questions. First would this be a good sport quad to go trail riding on? and how does it do in tight trails? the trails I would be riding on would be forest service trails, would the big 700 do good for that? or should I stay will my 250ex until it's paid off and then go for something else? thanks in advance.
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I would think it would be a great quad. Big power! IRS! I don't have one but I am sure one of the guys here that has one will tell you the pros and cons.
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A few members here have them. Pyetime will probly drop you a line. He has one. Redracer also may throw some info your way. If not send them a PM and they will get back with you.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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