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700xx question

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I have been looking at a 09 or 08 trx 700xx at my local honda dealer and they have dropped the price from 7899 down to 5899 now and I have been thinking about buying it. but i have some questions. First would this be a good sport quad to go trail riding on? and how does it do in tight trails? the trails I would be riding on would be forest service trails, would the big 700 do good for that? or should I stay will my 250ex until it's paid off and then go for something else? thanks in advance.
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I think it would be a good quad for trails.And it would be a huge step up from a 250ex.Be
If you can't afford it don't do it.To many americans get in over there head and loose there house or something.
Do you have the airbox lid on or off?If it's on take it off.Giving it more air and maybe abit more fuel will add power.
What main are you using now with the hmf?
HUH?It should have a number like 125 or 122.It must not be a Keihn jet.Go to the honda dealer and buy real Keihn jets or go here.Jets R Us
Well 106 is way to low if the numbers are the same as the Keihn.A stock 300ex runs a 118 and the 250x runs a 122.
Wait wait wait.What kind of quad do you have?I'm sorry I forgot you have a 250ex.Sorry.You should probably have a 100 or 105.Did your fmf kit have a variety of jets?
Try the 96 and the 102.I'm really sorry I thought for some reason you had a 300ex.I'm stupid sometimes.
Yeah the bigger the number the bigger the hole through the jet.I can't tell you exactly what jet but being your 6000 feet you'll be running out of air.So deffinetly remove the box lid and you'll have to try each jet.You said your stock was a 96 right.Just start right above that and work your way up.Once you think you have it find a long stretch and wind it out in 5th gear and I mean wound out.Then shut it off.Don't let off the gas or pull the clutch in.Once it shut off pull the clutch in and stop.Pull your spark plug.And see what color it is.It should be of a light tan or brown.If it's black it's rich and if it's white it's lean.Good luck.
No your jets should be fine man.And the plug might help but it's not manditory.
Yep no problem.Thats what we are all here for.
1 - 12 of 38 Posts
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