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700xx perf upgrade questions

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I have a 700xx and just bought a yoshimura s/o pipe, dynojet power programer III USB and a new air filter for it. But what can i do to really pull all the power this motor is willing to give up? Hot cams? Throttle body? help me out thanks
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Upgrading your Cam will be a big improvement, Adding a header to that slip-on will help too...
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The upgrade that will make you MUCH faster is going to be suspension but that is some bucks..
I would recommend the Houser A Arm setup with Elka/Fox shocks.
This is the way to go... TRX700-730 BBK

That kit eats Raptors and poops out little YFZ's
I eat raptors now.
A Raptor 700 that has the big 3 done(intakes, exhaust, and Fuel controller) is going to be very hard to beat. Although the rider plays a big roll.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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