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700xx perf upgrade questions

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I have a 700xx and just bought a yoshimura s/o pipe, dynojet power programer III USB and a new air filter for it. But what can i do to really pull all the power this motor is willing to give up? Hot cams? Throttle body? help me out thanks
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Thanks a lot. I've been looking also at boring out the throttle body along with blueprinting port and polish and maybe a piston upgrade
Wellijust dropped a grand so how much we talk in and just shocks or a arms and sway bar too?
I was lookin at the fox shocks but not sure if it's something I should do now or after I finish on the motor. And thanks helmut
So I've been doing some digging and have big bore kit picked out and was wondering what compression piston I should run but still stay away from race fuel. And I don't want to have to rebuild all the time. What are some of your thoughts?
I eat raptors now. I'm leaving for sand lake in the morning and got a bet with a buddy riding a raptor 660 with some performance parts that I can't beat him up the bowl. This is gonna be easy money.. And ya I looked at that link I think I'm gonna have it shipped in and installed next week than again red
Oops I meant thanks again lol
Ok so I was wondering if anyone knows if you can stroke this motor??
His raptor has the big 3 but so do i so ill let you know how it goes. All the number's from our dyno's say i got him hp/lbs ratio and and more ft lbs of torque. But he also didnt spend what i did. He didnt get a yoshi and dyno jet, he got a DG pipe and and a juice box.
1 - 9 of 17 Posts
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