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700XX nerf bars and skid plates

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I have a 2008 700XX and I am hoping to add some nerf bars and skid plates. The problem is after market parts for these bikes are getting hard to find. I was wondering if anyone has found that some parts from other machines fit the 700xx? For example would the nerfs from a 450R or 400EX fit the 700 with minor modifications? Or would the engine skid and front a arm skids fit the 700 from another model?
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I did see that they offer a set of skids and if I cannot find a good deal on another set that is good quality then I might order those. I have a friend that has an engine skid and a set of nerfs but he is not sure if they are from a 450R or a 700xx (he has owned both in the past).
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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